Is penis enlargement possible?


Is penis enlargement really possible? This is a question that I started asking myself about two years ago. Through a series of twists and turns, I managed to learn a great deal about the facts and fallacies of penis enlargement. The good news: penis enlargement is possible, however, it took me a long time, and a lot of hard work to learn how and why. The purpose of this blog is to share my penis enlargement story with others, in the hope that I can save them a lot of searching, time and money that I spent on my quest to get a bigger penis.

Full Disclosure: I created this blog based on a request by the makers of the JELQ Device. After my experience with their product, I sent in a review, and they asked that I tell my full story in the form of a blog. Regardless of whether you purchase a product or not, I hope that my words can help you in your journey.

Growing up I always considered myself to be genetically inferior to other guys. I would avoid public showers in gym class, and hide myself while using a public urinal. I saw other guys walking around with a big floppy penis between their legs, and I looked down at my acorn sized penis head sticking out of my pubic hair and I wondered how I could be so unlucky. I’ve always been smart, decent at sports, a likeable guy, but I was lacking to self-confidence that comes with the knowledge of having a monster cock between my legs. In high school I saw some decent growth, I wouldn’t say that I grew large by any means, but at least I had something that would hang. However, at that same time I began to hear legends of guys in my school that had “the biggest cock I’ve ever seen”, “cockzilla”, etc., and I couldn’t help but be jealous. What was most frustrating is that these seemed to always be the most popular guys. They got blowjobs from the hottest girls, often the same girl that I had a crush on, and seemed to always have other guys wanting to be their friends. I told myself that this was a coincidence, and that it didn’t matter to other girls or guys, but the facts seemed to prove different. I managed to do alright with the ladies, but I was usually a friend first, and then would try for other things. I can still vividly remember making out with a girl that I liked a lot, and all I could think of was the fact that everyone knew she had given head to one of the biggest guys in my school. He was a friend of mine, and I remember him talking about how she could barely get it in her mouth. At that time my penis was probably only about 4-5 inches long and only as big around as a roll of quarters. As our make-out session progressed I wanted so badly for her to touch my penis, but I was so embarrassed and thought that she might laugh or get turned off, that I didn’t make a move past kissing and playing with her breasts. I finally accepted that I was just unlucky, and would have to settle for whatever woman I could get.

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